Ingemey Consultores, Abril 2015

First Quito Metro Line

Location: Quito (Ecuador)
Date: 2015-2016
Client: Acciona Infraestructuras
The project consists of the construction of the first Quito subway line, 22 km long and all of it going underground, in addition to the execution of 13 stations. This line will connect north and south of Quito in travel time of just over half an hour (about 34 minutes) and have the capacity to carry about 400,000 passengers a day.

The ring is a universal type used with a 6 + 1 configuration, the characteristics of the tunnel are those contained in the following table:

Ø cutting wheel
9'36 m
Ø front shield
9'32 m
Ø tail shield
9'31 m
Ring interior diameter
8'43 m
Segment thickness
32 cm
Ring exterior diameter
9'07 m
Ring lenght
1'50 m
Propulsion cylinders
13 pairs

Ingemey's performance is the calculation and structural optimization of the ring segment, for that the following checks are performed:

- Sequential three-dimensional numerical modeling with FLAC3D of 7 sections.

- Study of temporary loads.

- Verification of transverse joints (Ram thrusting).

- Study of ground and water loads.

- Development of a three-dimensional model with FLAC3D considering the structural behavior of the ring and including the joints (both transverse and longitudinal).

- Study of the ring under seismic conditions.

- Verification of longitudinal joints.