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Barcelona Metro - Line 9.
Parc Logístic - Zona Universitària

Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Date: 2008-2013
Barcelona Metro Line 9 is included in the Master Plan for Public Transport Infrastructure 2001-2010, running from the Airport to Badalona-Santa Coloma de Gramenet, with a length of 50 km and a total of 52 stations.

The section Parc Logístic - Zona Universitària has a total length of 6,750 m that are distributed in 5,811 m TBM excavated (2 TBMs) and 939 m with cut and cover method.

The section has 12 stations that are not executed by UTE Gorg, although the connection between the stations and line the tunnel itself are under contract, as well as the intermediate slab that divides the tunnel section into two halves. The stations that connect to the TBM excavated tunnel are Motors, Foc Cisell, Fonería, Ildefonso Cerdá, Provençana, Gornal, Torrassa, Collblanc, Campus Sur, Zona Universitaria and Campues Nord.

Tunnel is excavated with two virtually identical TBMs (One of these the previously excavated section Sagrera Meridiana - Gorg). They are EPB type, with 12.06 m diameter excavation and 10.90 m inner diameter, being segment thickness 40 cm.