Quality and Environmental Policy

Our quality and environmental policy consists in providing projects to fulfil the applicable law, rules and regulations, with regard to technical as well as environmental characteristics, and the expectations of the client by complying the terms of contract / order, within astrict commitment with the protection and conservation of the environment.
Ingemey is in regular and direct contact with nature and natural resources. This makes us especially sensitive to the environmental protection and to the need of preservation of the natural resources in order to allow a sustainable development.

Even understanding that the environmental impact caused by the company’s activities is minor, we find necessary committing to the environmental improvement of our activities. Therefore, we include within our principles the performance of our activities regarding the greatest respect for the environment, establishing that these have to be undertaken within a management system framework that seeks to minimize the environmental impact.

To carry out all the above mentioned, Ingemey Management emphasizes the following aspects:

    - Considering the pursuance of the commitment with the client a priority task, meeting the specific needs of the client.

    - Taking the necessary steps to give the demanded products by the client with profitability criteria to the company.

    - Establishing processes to guarantee all the above indicated, and taking into account that a respectful behaviour with the environment is an integrant part of the team job and as well as the constant improvement of the mentioned processes.

    - Developing a policy of continuous improvement for all the company, establishing aims every year in order to improve the quality of our products and the development with regard to environmental issues.
    - Motivating the team, promoting training programs in connection with professional and technical issues as well as environmental issues.

    - Promote cooperation with foreign entities to achieve a high level of knowledge, technological applications and their implementation on our works.

    - Promoting the conservation of resources by recycling a re-using, and trying to reduce the usage of raw material, energy and water on the processes.

    - Performing the work at the first attempt, as a permanent attitude of everyone in every moment. Orientating the efforts to prevent mistakes.

    - Taking all the available measures in order to contaminate less, to prevent accidents involving environmental damages or to minimize their effects.