Ingemey Consultores, Abril 2015

Colector General Interceptor Collector Santoña-Colindres
Section: Santoña-Laredo

Location: Cantabria (Spain)
Date: 2015
Client: Acciona Infraestructuras
The project proposes the construction of a tunnel, called subfluvial, which decanted wastewater from Laredo to Santoña. These run tubed, for which a visitable type section is defined, in order to perform maintenance inside or replace worn or damaged sections of pipe space is defined.

The tunnel crosses under Santoña bay until Laredo, with a length of 1,444 m. The ring used is a universal type, with a configuration of 5 + 1, where the characteristics of the tunnel are listed in the following table:

Ø cutting wheel
4'296 m
Ø front shield
4'24 m
Ø tail shield
4'23 m
Shield length
12'00 m
Ring interior diameter
3'50 m
Segment thickness
25 cm
Ring exterior diameter
4'00 m
Ring lenght
1'20 m
Propulsion cylinders
11 pares
Maximum thrust
16.725 kN

Ingemey's performance has been the calculation and structural design of the ring segment with a 45 MPa characteristic strength concrete solution reinforced with synthetic fibers type Barchip 48. The dosage of fiber is 5 kg / m3. The following checks are performed:

- Sequential three-dimensional numerical modeling with FLAC3D of 7 sections.

- Study of temporary loads.

- Verification of transverse joints (Ram thrusting and lip effect).

- Study of ground and water loads.

- Verification of longitudinal joints.

- Check the connectors between rings (Pull out and shear).